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Huntress' mission is to bring advanced imaging techniques such as SfM Photogrammetry, publication photography and more to museums, institutions, and private collections. The founder was inspired to create this company to spread advanced imaging to all corners of the heritage world, from a council-run museum to remote dig sites. Huntress Imaging will work one-on-one with every client to understand both their needs and restrictions with advice and other services to expand their digital programs. 


Founder and Technician
Diana Pearl McNutt

Ms McNutt brings insider knowledge and understanding of the heritage world with over seven years of working in three small museums and as a graphics technician at the University of Reading Archaeology Department. She has Degrees in Museum Studies, Archaeology and in Fine Arts Photography and is certified in digital heritage techniques. Additionally, she has conducted award-winning research into new cost-effective techniques for 3D modelling. Through the Museum Partnership Reading, Ms McNutt conducted workshops to teach SfM Photogrammetry to students and volunteers and conducted international Zoom teaching during lockdown

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Huntress has now been featured twice on SketchFab's  Week’s Top 10 Cultural Heritage & History 3D models



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