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 What We Offer 


Macro Focus Stacking

Macro-focus stacking is a computational photography technique where the subject is in complete focus.  There is no blurring as both the near and far are in focus, eliminating errors related to shifts in focus. This is ideal for small artefacts and osteological material like teeth. Further image manipulation can reveal further detail not visible to the naked eye


Standard Photography

This includes:
Exhibition photography
Retail images


Object and Site 3D Modeling

3D modelling through photogrammetry offers high surface detail which is vital to research and overall presentation. The studio will come to you, no need to move the object off-site. Included is the development and application of the publication style on SketchFab


360° Object Videos and Animations

A midway point between standard photography and 3D modelling. 360° Object Videos can be informative, eye-catching and impactful additions to research presentations, social media and as a reference


Huntress Imaging provides many different digital services to those working in heritage and archaeology, including 3D modelling, publication photography, workshops and more. Our automated artefact 3D modelling set-up can be taken anywhere that has a socket, perfect for stores or excavations. We have worked on a wide range of artefacts and collections, from human skeletal remains to Victorian-era biscuit tins.  

For examples of our work play our Promo Video 


Other Services


Teaching and Workshops

We had the great honour of teaching remotely a course at the Sulaimani Polytechnic University (SPU) in Iraq on 3D modelling in archaeology during lockdown. This included guided worksheets and practice data sets.  We offer Group 3D Modelling Workshops - Individual lessons -Talks on Digitalization and Heritage for community events, staff, volunteers etc. Either on Zoom, Teams or in person. 


Support and Consultation

  • Consultations on academic projects

  • Post-Processing: SketchFab design and publication

  • Future technical support

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